Recently I went on an exchange on my own and by choice without a car as the exchange home and excursion points were well connected by public transport.  The only drawback was that the nearest supermarket was 1 km away and my shoulders were not keen on carrying heavy loads.  Especially not after a long day of travelling with a heavy suitcase including crossing Paris to change stations.

The solution is a Rolser.  In Norway these are mostly associated with very old folks, but in cities and towns in Europe they are in very common use by every age.  Especially for going to the market and neighbourhood shops, but just as often seen on buses and trams.

Unfortunately, there was no such thing as a Rolser in the house and the bicycle was mountain bike that in my view was not suited for shopping for groceries.  So I would have to find a hypermarket as I know from experience that they stock Rolsers.

On to the Internet (what did we do in the olden days ? ! )  I managed to locate a Carrefour at the end of a tram line and decided to give it a try.  And I found both Carrefour and the Rolser and was able to shop for groceries to tie me over the first few days.  Happy ending.


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  1. Normandie | La France Says:

    […] Prøvepensjonist « Rolser […]

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